Please contact Mrs. Darlene Hagel, School Registrar:

    (609) 965-1034 x 136 to schedule an appointment.


    For more information or if you have any questions,

    please contact Mrs. Hagel - School Registrar:

    (609) 965-1034 x 136 or dhagel@eggharborcityschools.com




    Registration Forms - Please print and complete required forms.

    Transfer or Withdrawal Card, Report Card and Health Card (A-45) from the previous school (If applicable)

    Birth Certificate**

    Immunization Records**

    Physical Exam - Every child is required to have a current physical exam. New Pre-K and Kindergarten students must have a physical exam before he/she can start school. For Transfer students this form must be submitted within 30 days of the first day of school.  Physical exams must have been within the past 365 days of the first day of school. Form link below.

    Custodial parent/guardian documentation (If applicable)

    Proof of Residency in Egg Harbor City**

    ⇒  If you own your home: current deed, mortgage statement or property tax statement

    ⇒  If you rent your home: current lease


    ⇒  Two (2) utility/cable bills with service address listed

    (A current document with name/address issued by a government agency may be substituted for one utility bill.)


    ** If your circumstances prevent you from having documents available, please let the registrar know and we will work with you to ensure you can enroll your child as soon as possible.



    Please print and complete the following forms:

    New Student Enrollment Form 

    Records Release  (To be completed if transferring from another school)

    Home Language Survey

    Enrollment Residency Questionnaire

    Physical Examination Form (To be completed by doctor's office. Universal form from doctor's office is acceptable)

    Medical History Questionnaire (To be completed by the parent/guardian)


    Please print and complete the following forms as needed:

    Asthma Treatment Plan (Applicable for any student with asthma)

    Allergy Action Plan (Applicable for any student with a life-threatening allergy)

    Permission Form for Prescribed Medication (Applicable for any student that requires medication during the school day)