Staff Call Out Procedures

    Call-Out Mailbox is available 24/7

    Dial 609-965-1034, Press 8

    Please call the call-out line if you are going to be out of the district for any reason, your call is mandatory.

    Please state clearly the following information when you call:

    1. Your name

    2. Your position

    3. The day and date of your absence.

    4. Whether a substitute will or will not be needed. 

    5. The reason for your absence

    6. The anticipated day and date of your return.

    In the event that an emergency absence is necessary after 6am, please do the following:

    1. Call the employee call-out line. 

    2. Then call the main office of your respective building.

    Just a reminder, don’t forget to hand in any paperwork (when necessary) pertaining to your absences, i.e.Doctors note, Jury Duty notice etc.

    *Important:  Upon your return of an absence from a non-planned non-pre approved day we ask that you please put the day or days in the employee portal. (Reminder you do not have to resubmit pre approved days when you return this is only for non pre approved days.